I'm having difficulties evaluating this subscription. The only thing I can see as a possibility is the letter M. Would anyone like to comment?

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Thanks for participating ....!
I also miss the E pasted into the S at the end of Les. From the open A on top after the P that he most often did with mastery.
Maybe someone just wanted to make a joke out of it all. Ruin a beautiful guitar.

I see you deleted your comment! :(

This guitar model was only manufactured between 1969 and 1972 approx. 118 units (this is 69).

My final thoughts

She is beyond all the standards of what I know of Les Paul (from the autograph).
About the signature: The L is positioned differently, it also has a different meaning (tilted to the left) and there is no way to see the stroke correctly of how he got to the letter E. pen at this point, interrupted the flow and possibly replaced the pen to make the E. Maybe that's why it's smudged. The letters E and S are commonly joined together in a standard Les Paul signature (with the E above it and the S below it). In this guitar case, they look like two independent entities. The letter P of his signature, for the most part, also has a flourish as it does in the initial letter L. In your case, a very ugly P. If you zoom in on the subsequent letters you will notice that the A (he makes this letter usually open on top) the U and L are interrupted after they are finished (as if writing in block letters). And the final L looks like a seam at the top because when the pen reaches the top there is no symmetry with the leg that goes down.
I studied several of his signatures. It is true that there are patterns and I know that sometimes some of them are not present in a signature because when a person signs it is an automated act of the unconscious and it must flow without difficulties too.

Here is my Les Paul from late 90's.  Totally different formation of letters


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