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I've always wanted get a hold of a nice Linkin Park piece. I figured in time I would be able to get a hold of a nice piece. Unfortunately before that happened Chester Bennington (RIP) took his life earlier this week. Anyways I acted fast and made a deal for this personally owned pass by the lead singer itself. If anybody can shed some light on this item or the Ebay seller the community's opinion is greatly appreciated.  Here is the pictures and the link

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I don't see anything wrong with the seller, but i don't know how anyone could prove that this was Chester Bennington's personal pass. Maybe it's a good investment at less than $250 but i personally don't see a whole lot of value in a backstage pass.

one of jerry garcias lamintes sold for over 5k for a very famous venue .theres value in everything .

when u get please post the front and band for me and if u can find any other laminates from the tour that would help me. 

i worked in the industry for a long time so i have tons  but im sonfused about one or 2 things with it.

ps . its probaly real and he proably had tons of  them. they would give them to chicks ,lose them . stuff happens all the time ,but if u can post the front and back that would help and if u can find any other that would be great

Hey John Shaw,

Here is a pic of the front of the pass. Thanks again for your feedback! 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

i need the other side

and if u have the tour dates from the whole tour that band was on for that period  with the same group of other bands please post them.

Here's the front and back of the pass John. I just copied the pics from the ebay auction.

so the front and back are mirror image interesting.

the first thing i can tell that it was issued in the middle of the tour .so it was either a replacement one or it was given to a family member or friend as the tour started in the date is could be a single day issue only laminate, 

without seeing the actualy laminate chart that says what every laminate does theres no way to know.

as i said it not uncoomom to have multiple lamintes made for the band members  especialy now in the 2017s with the hard plastic ones as there printed before the toure in bulk ,this one was printed on tour by the tm.

my guess its real. weather he used it or gave it away to a friend u will never know.

ps .alot of tms would sell old tour stock and companies would make lams up after the tour or even years later as there just buying the blank inserts.

ive been offer money by them for years.

hope that helps some.

the fact that his name isnt on doesnt bother me. im a little concernd that they didnt use a standard head shot , alot of musicians use there dog or family members as there picture on there lam as it reminds them of home and

knowbody will bother them .they all know who they are.

also missing is all acces ,wich doesnt make sense

i own personal lams from musicans that are not for sale all from work,they just would wind up after the tour we  would clean out the road cases and i would take the crap home. 

yes my spelling and grammer suxs but hey we didnt need it in the music bussinees.

John Shaw,

Wow this really helps me out a ton! It gives me a good insight on how backstage passes work as this is the first one I have ever purchased. Thank you for your help! =D

no problem. if i find it ill post a back stage chart so u can see what im talking about

theres usualy 3 or more lamites per tour




those are the basic 3 that are laminates.all will get u to a differnt area backstage.

thats why u need the chart also says what color sticky pass there using that nite and where it gets u also.

its a real bussiness and there are rules also becareful becuase people laminate stickes and try to pass them of as real


Thanks for the heads up! And yes if you can please post a picture of the backstage pass matrix on this thread. This is really good info for anybody looking to spot a genuine backstage pass! A quick google search and a stumble onto this thread will help a ton of people out 

this is from the dead tour it would be one long sheet posted all around the venue,it would have the color of the sticky pass and the date and vunue for the nite written in.

u should get the idea

Very cool stuff John. I'm learning more than i was planning on learning tonight. Fantastic information.



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