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Live Talks has put up quite a few signed books on their store from various events over the past few YEARS. Too many to list (over 300) but many big names. You’ll want to check it out!! Sadly, appears US only. 

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Anyone have any experience with Live Talks? I ordered a couple of books almost a month ago - I received a confirmation but no shipping notice. Whenever I email them its like it goes into a black hole with no response.

I placed a couple orders last month and while one was slightly held up, it was shipped shortly after I followed up by email (they did not respond to email other than I got shipping notice). They sent shipping notices but no tracking. Haven’t had any other issues in past. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with them. 

Thanks. I'll send them another email. Hopefully, they come through.

FYI, I ordered a few Grant Morrison books-- 

Took maybe the better part of two weeks, but arrived fine.  

Does anyone have an email for LA live talks that they actually got a response from? The generic one doesn’t seem to get any responses, placed an order over a week ago without any action.


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