I'm guessing this was a ttm.

I saw a similar signature on this site where someone said if it read "Lave" it was good.

BUT in checking google images it seems a majority of autos are signed "Love" with a full O not looking like an A.

I've never read anything about Lucy using a secretary but considering her fame it wouldn't surprise me. I'd be more surprised about never reading anything about it.

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Hi Jason,

 I’ve been studying this issue for a while and my current thinking is that the ones with “Lave” are secretarial—not authentic.  From Lucy’s handwritten letters that were sold at auction a few years ago (through Nate Sanders auctions if I recall correctly), and which she usually signed with the word “Love,” it was clear that Lucy typically closed her lowercase letters “o” at the top and not on the side.  In other words, they looked like an “o”and not an “a.”  Thus, I am very suspicious of these “Lave” signatures and I don’t believe they are in her hand.

I do believe she used a secretary

I think you are right guys. When in persons and letters are always signed with the closed O and the ttms are with a A, I have to conclude two different people signing. It's almost like secretary signing the extra L in Charlton Heston's name-a tell tale sign for both celebrities.




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