Directed from his album pre-order page, bundle also available, £27 delivered

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Order at your own risk! I’m in the US and mine was packaged very poorly and arrived a few days ago severely creased in two spots (signature is fine though). I complained and they did offer a full refund but said they couldn’t replace as there was no more stock.

Heres mine delivered by Yodel in the UK folded 3 times to get it in the letterbox what a chump ,yodel werent bothered and the store said they had no more to send despite restocking yesterday i asked for a refund got no response im getting fed up now with packages arriving damaged or just not arriving at all  


Wow what a bummer! Hate when that happens. It's still cool even though it's bent. At least it's bent in a way that you could make a clean cut of the signature and reframe it. Still, I would expect a refund/replacement in this case!

Im hoping so, he didnt even ring the doorbell i was in they really dont give a monkeys as long as the computer says delivered     



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