Hello. I'm new here and I want to start collecting autographs. I'm a big fan of classic rock and heavy metal and the first thing I want to do is get Mötley Crüe's autographs. I still have no experience in distinguishing originals from fakes and I would like to ask for help with advice. The first and second photos are certified by Olaf Wolfson & s. Co. LTD. (http://www.autograph.webdon.nu) and the third is up for sale with proof on Ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/334062489674?hash=item4dc7ad104a:g:jpoAAOS...). Which of the following autographs do you think might be originals?

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sorry no good pal!

Thank you, Brian! 

Does anyone else have opinions?

They don't look good to me either

Thanks for the opinion!

Hi, the first photo is original, autographs are taken at
Sweden Rock Festival 2012 Sölvesborg. I was present there personally, I have exactly the same poster, the signatures are identical.
Acknowledgment by a good old firm.

Thanks a lot, Fred! How did you get these autographs? Was there an autograph session? And could you please attach your poster here?

Hi Jason. There was a three hour autograph session for VIP tickets. I took it personally from the group, without intermediaries. Photos provided by the administration of the festival. Throwing off my photo.

Thanks for the info and your photo, Fred. While I was asking here, someone bought the first and second photo, so I will keep looking.

sorry Fred but your wrong in these. they are not signed by the crue. maybe the cover band. got this one wrong. get roger epperson to confirm. 

Sorry Brian)). Read information about Sweden Rock Festival 2012 Sölvesborg, no cover bands, I personally took autographs myself, without intermediaries at a three-hour autograph session for VIP tickets, photos were provided by the festival administration. I am 50 years old, 35 years old I collect autographs and go to festivals. I take autographs only personally.

anybody can say they got it anywhere. proof is in the signature. i still don’t think it’s good. did you get roger epperson to certify it good. then i will agree with you on this. let’s have others chime in but i’d like to see what roger says . you should get it anyway if you think it’s good 



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