Dear Friends from autograph Live

Just wanted to share a great Madonna´s autograph, that  finally, after a long years searching is now on my collection.

Hope you enjoy it,  and opinions are always welcome. :-)

Best wishes


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a great example of a later Livenation promo photo - these are very rare issues and the run of signed ones is about 20 !!!!! if that!!!!!!

Thanks for your always wise explanations Kamran!

Love this photo!

Thanks Joe, I also agree, it's very artistic,  (reminds me) a reference of  "Emmanuelle" but  with a classy fashionable detail. 

yes totally!!!!   Madonna knows how to be sexy..every move and best angle...she doesn't need to be told or tutored.....its one of the reasons of her long career.....being sexy and owning it is not a crime...its just a shame they go to the trouble of issuing these promo photos but soooo hard to track down due to the digital world!!

I also agree Kamran, she is one of the best full package show woman' of our times! 

And by the way, yes the digital world, sometimes complicates... . but that also happend with TV when appeared, and we survived that...

"Video killed the radio Stars"  

Congratulations, Arte! The good news for the rest of us, according to Kamran, there are a few more of these out there. Time to go hunting!

Joe.....yes there are …...this run of the coloured shot was not one given out to many fans with dedications..i saw more signed just love Madonna..mainly given to charities / fund raisers....I recall 3/4 being sold on ebay by charities back then

Kamran, I'm really, really impressed with your knowledge! Its inspiring! 

Thanks mister for saying that...collecting Madonna memorabilia has been my passion for almost 30 years and counting....because for me its worth all the I learned a lot...and I am happy to help where I can

Thanks for your kindness and heart kamran. It comes all from your effort, passion  and study,  help.and share it's a beautiful action, thats the meaning of life, based in love.

"Poor is the man wich pleasure depends on the permission of another."... 

Yes Joe! Lets go hunt for those! For sure they are rare and legit!



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