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That went fast. No surprise, I suppose.

Mine arrived today…

That looks nice, REM. Based on those I have seen, she provides a full signature that is not lazy or rushed. She uses a good black pen that shows up better than most when part of the signature is over a black background. Could be a good investment. I listened to her Paranoia studio album about a week ago. I can see how she could appeal to a certain demographic and how she got a record deal.      

I'm a fan of her music but passed on this when it was available. Im not a fan of live albums and trying to stay away from signed prints, especially that size, but if I didnt score her other albums, I would have bought this for sure. The print is a little busy but James is right. The signature is nice and its probably the best placement. Im curious though, are these prints made knowing she would be signing them? Or are there more made up for other purposes? Sometimes I wish they would design a print with an area for an autograph in mind.. but thats just being picky. Usually its not a problem

Actual album cover is the same as the print.  The album was underneath that print when I took the picture 

Well that makes sense then.. i didn't pay much attention after I saw it was a live album. Just went back to check.. I thought the album cover was different. Im probably going to still regret passing on this down the road


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