She finally listed some without having to buy a box set

I picked a couple up $13.98 each

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1415 left as of right now

Awesome thanks, I've been waiting on these and figured she post them eventually since the Box sets with them didn't seem to be moving very fast.

1378 now.. these are moving super slow for what they are. I received an email saying she released more vinyls. Nothing about signed cds. I dont think her fanbase knows these are available yet. I found out only by skimming thru the store hoping she would list more than just the vinyl. 

yeah, I'm pretty sure you're right and they will start flying once people realize she added them. I've been seeing tons of tweets for weeks asking for signed CDs without the bundle. 

Looks like this one might be an art card?

yeah well i don't mind an art card if it looks like that lol

You aint a kidding. Mama mia!

I was thinking the same but the listings for the box sets say its a signed jewel case cd.. I know they mean its a regular cd and not digipak so it really doesn't mean anything but I figured if it was an art card, they would list it as an art card. 

I'll keep them either way but I know a lot of buyers will want refunds for misrepresentation. It would be a mistake on their part to ship these with art cards now. I guess we will see. I know this was brought up many times before but for the people who don't know, her 1st autographed vinyl was signed on the shrink wrap. They made it right in the end but it shows they are prone to making mistakes and bad decisions 

Nort sure how i missed this before but she posted a video of her signing items. Here is a screenshot. Looks like an art card. It probably explains why these arnt selling out fast

Anyone living near Long Beach CA and want to meet Maggie, Fingerprints music is having an in-store signing event tomorrow the 19th at 6pm

Just arrived.

Looks great! Was this inside the sealed cd case? Or out in the open?


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