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Thoughts on this one? I know it has the certs but a few areas look a bit atypical (mostly the Gs and e). Also very hard to see in the area over the typing which as we know could be intentional. Thanks for the input!

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Looks good to me! 

full disclosure. It’s my piece. It comes with a letter from Frank and Perry. I think it’s good. 

I do see what you mean, though. 

Appreciate the transparency Mark. To George's credit, it is perceived that he did at least attempt to sign in a larger blank area where he started his name. Unless he signed along the edges (which of course we have seen when not hurried on this album) he did pick a reasonable area to sign and it is otherwise difficult to avoid signing over the wording.

I also found it strange that the Frank COA mentions that the item was professionally restored and the other did not. I wonder if Rockaway was aware of this. It does look to be in fairly remarkable condition but it is difficult to tell how much was restored. I also have no idea how this would affect the value when compared to a non-restored.

Overall it is an intriguing piece and I hope we learn more about it from the opinions of others on this board.

Yeah, Rockaway told me it was glued back together.

only the seams were regaled. Nothing else was touched. Honestly, I couldn’t really even tell. It never bugged me. It’s a signed meet the Beatles signed during the first US visit. It is a tremendous piece. It’s not perfect, but it is legit. 


Strange how one thread gets 190 fairly redundant replies but I cannot get any other opinions on this one. Seems like this board is generally afraid to question any of the noteworthy authenticators.

The link is not leading to an image?

I see it now. Not one I'd collect but YMMV.

Link to item on eBay.


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