Hello everyone :)

I joined this forum because I have a very big problem I am trying to do something about and I was directed to this forum by an acquaintance who is a member and has seen the quality of investigation here. I was told you are brilliant, I need brilliant! 

Its quite a story so I need to lay down some backround information. 

I met someone 12 years ago who I believed to be a genuine stand up guy. He's a public figure within a special interest group and someone believed to be a military whistleblower. Three years ago my partner and I allowed him to sleep on our sofa for a few weeks, he was looking for a place to live, his landlord was a bad one, so he said. 

While staying with us (incidentally 3 weeks became 4 months) I became painfully aware of discrepancies in his narrative, not little ones, BIG ones. We also became very suspicious of the famous friends stories he would tell often, they changed too. 

He made some noise about an auction house ripping him off... Said they kept his goods. Turns out they'd collared him for a fake Dylan painting! Years had passed and thinking they were dodgy some of us made a noise and got his stuff back. 

He then produced a bag of papers, all scribbles and doodles, a few photos, Andy Warhol stuff, Jerry Garcia, lots of Lennon stuff. We urged him to sell something to the Beatles museum.7 miles away but he called them crooks, he'd never get value. I said so what? You have all this stuff, you can take a hit just to get your own place right?! Wrong. 

He then said he'd sold something for a few hundred, turns out he had sold a fake Lennon sketch for 10K sterling and  a leather jacket another 10K. He said nothing to us. My partner kicked him out. 

I found albums he'd left on our computer, photos of his collection. Every single thing of Lennons! All his glasses, hats, iconic gear, all allegedly given to him by Lennons uncle Charlie. 

So I started looking online and found lots of auctions all with this stuff in. Then recently an old friend of his contacted me, he's done this forever. He had a jacket given to him signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Vaughan was spelled Vaughn. The LOA from Martinez gor an.SRV cry baby guitar peddle is the same handwriting as the person who gave him it. The jacket was professionally analysed and was deemed a forgery. As it was a gift, no crime was committed. 

News article re fake Lennon sketch 


These links are to evidence files. Most recent first with certificate of forgery 




Original Blog re Lennon Sketch and forged photo


Original Blog re Stevie Ray Vaughan forged photos


The only evidence he has of him knowing these people are blatantly generated photos. 

If you're still reading, thanks. I am unfamiliar withhow everything works on the forum so the links will probably have to be copy pasted into your browser. 

Any advice, observations will be gratefully received. I have uploaded a few images of the autographs but I have so many it will take a while. 

Thanks in advance! 

Sacha :)

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there was a guy out of Vermont doing this look like the same guy somehow .

very well know to the srv camp 

He did live in VT in Rutland. His old friend Duane Carleton got in touch last year. He had the Jacket and letters. 

I have figured a big chunk of his timeline and can go.as far back as 86 in New York. SRVs biographer bought a dodgy guitar from him.in 95. He is prolific. 

We new in the 90s he was faking stuff and overloading auction houses with srv bad stuff

I know all about this guy he forged srv Dylan dead

a large part of the srv soul to souls  fakes were his. he was really good at it .jimmy know all about him

I hoped I'd find more about him. He does a lot of SRV stuff. He sold a fake Dylan painting in 2013 and a fake Garcia £16k for both. 

u need to know who ur buying from that the biggest lesson

I haven't heard his name in years until this thread .

I've posted about him and srv here a couple years ago

Can you show me where please? Do you have photos of anything? Thanks :)

no pics this is so old .we new about him years ago  ,it was well know .jimmy  even knew .

your talking over 25 years ago. we  new his stuff was all bad and he flooded the market. I was offerd all that crap so were my friends we had that dead fake guitar we laughed .

He is still doing it. He lives 5 miles from me. I know who he is. Even 25 years ago, its still relevant as he is still doung it. Last auction he had 10 items in and made £36 thousand. 

Yes i know Jimmy knew. May Pang knows too, I have spoken to Craig Hopkins and May. Im.trying to get more info as I am publicly debunking him. Ive stopped a few auctions, wrecked his public image but he carries on. I will nail him. 

I have proof of forgery now but its not enough. It wasn't a sale. 

sorry cant help you any more than what I know from 25 years ago.

we knew not to touch any of his stuff.

I thought he died and faded away after all these years

I posted on here a while back about a guy from vermont doing perfect soul to soul srvs back then this was the person.

his specialty was srv.

he did hats guitars albums 

also fake stage used stuff

Thanks, you have already helped, you have no idea, your words were music to my ears. I feel encouraged to keep pushing and seeking. Thanks :)




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