need help with authenticity of those 3 signed vinyls 

beckett confirmed they are likely to pass 

psa/dna said its not going to pass auth 

so i am confused

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Ty so much my friend means a lot !

My soul can rest now ;)

  Some of these people on here, are only trying to Help others. I don't Appreciate the cheap shots that you have taken. After all, PSA and Roger Epperson both said that they weren't any Good either. Roger only changed after he found out that it came from you. I didn't have that info either. Taken on face value, I don't think anyone would Approve these.

   Band Members usually sign better, when they think that they are signing for a Fan. When they know they're going to be on Ebay/ Facebook in 2 hours, not much incentive to sign. Might be why you have these lousy autographs.

I don't see any "cheap shots", sounds to me just the simple reality of the fact you were wrong and are clearly pissed off I called you out. Also funny as half of this stuff was obtained by a girl working with me right next to me, she must have looked so "eBay" eh?.

Explains why you have a lousy uneducated attitude. If you are going to "Help" someone, at least do your own research and ask the question of "Who did it come from" and "Where did you obtain it, this could have been simply solved instead of "No" "It's bad". If you knew your facts, the majority of guys getting them this tour, everything has been like this graph wise. But no, you didn't know that. I know.

Let me know the next time you actually obtain an autograph in person. 

I obtained 4 Autographs back in March of this year. It was a Planned Concert from a Group of Friends in Louisville. Awesome Concert by the way!! Got this Signed, but mine look a little different then yours. They signed for me, as a Fan. Nice sigs with Great placement. I guess they knew yours were going to be Sold and decided Not to do you any Favors. They're not Stupid!! 

Lmfao, yeah they aren't stupid. I can't say the same about you though. Nice little favor I got eh? Shame yours came out so sloppy? Fan? 

Van Grant...slow your roll.   You are missing the point on many levels.... take it down a notch

I think the name calling is Very Juvenile. If you want to have a Discussion, your going to have to act like an Adult.....

"Might be why you have these lousy autographs" - Okay buddy. 

The guy called it out as a forgery, I proved him wrong, then he continues to insult my "Lousy Autographs" and degrading me as if I am some kind of dealer scum. The fact of the matter is he was wrong and clearly has some kind of issue with me being a dealer or whatever. My point is, guys like this make business a nightmare for guys who are actually out getting quality stuff for collectors. There is no need to be degrading towards dealers, everyone makes a living somehow. You are missing the point on many levels as well. I never said anything wrong in my initial comment, somehow it blew into Tim's purest fan agenda. 

Time to get off the high horse. 

There is something seriously WRONG with you!! 

Ok guys, take it to private messages please, friendly debates are fine...No need for the back and forth. Thanks. 

Civility and no personal attacks here unless you want to be sent to the corner for 30 days.




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