Michael Jackson 80's autograph on which I can use your opinions

Hi everybody,

For some background see this thread:

I was hoping for some more opinions on the autograph shared in there. Not sure if I posted it in the right place. So if you wanna take a look there I would really appreciate it.

In this thread I would like to see what you people think about this Michael Jackson 80's autograph. Any help I appreciated! Thnx!

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The autograph was certified by Roger Epperson.

It's best to ask Roger Epperson if it's his certificate or a fake.

It's so unusual that I don't think it's possible to say for sure that it's authentic.
I trust Roger Epperson but there, I don't understand.
For me, it's not authentic.

Absolute right Roger can trust, but the certificate looks a little strange to me...
in comparison when I look at other Certificates from Roger

@Ivo and @Fred thank you for taking the time to give your opinion. It's appreciated.

Do you mind taking a look at the one in my other thread?

I ran the one you commented on by Epperson again to be sure and he says it's fine. This business though, wow... I've been fooled quite a few times and lost a fair bit of money even though I eventually did everything to make sure I bought a real one the last time. Still I failed.

I guess you can never be sure. What I was hoping for is when I post it in here and people in here agree on it being  real and it has Epperson's approval I at least have a good feeling about it. After reading this forum I would really appreciate the responses from Wascher, Lizzie and Steve. Since they seem to know his signature quite good. Of course I appreciated everyone's opinion.

What do you guys think about the ones on RRAuction right now?


I've never seen one like that but I think there's a good chance that it's real. Roger may have similar exemplars but I don't.

Steve, again; Thnx! 

I'm with Fred D. that it's an unusual one. 

Here are comps that I have.  I believe its legit.

Hi Wascher,

Thank you so much for your opinion. I really value your opinion since you have proven to be the expert on spotting fakes.

Kind regards,


Everyone can make mistakes though :) - even me.  All of the comps I have on this style came  from different people randomly and years between each one.  I saved them specifically because of the Pat one.

I know right, it's a tricky business. It resulted in me being really suspicious and having the need to be as sure as possible. I know I'm asking much and I wish I could do anything to return a favour. I've searched for a button to donate but couldn't find it. After being disappointed so often I found out I only feel good about a purchase when the majority of the members in here who respond agree on the Autograph being real and it passed Roger's quick opinion or it comes with a legit Real Loa. What I learned from this place is that members like Lizzie, Steve, Sandra Rose and especially you Wascher really know his autograph. 

Having your opinion together with a confirmation from Roger is the only way I feel good about buying. So thank you everybody! You don't know what this means to me. I'm finally happy with purchasing a MJJ autograph on which I lost hope I would ever feel secure enough about. 

I'm gonna take my time to search for a autograph vinyl and would really appreciate it if you people are there to support me.

I wish I could return the favour but I've been fooled too many times.

Thank you so much!



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