Michael Jackson Invincible CD Booklet Signed 2020. Real Or Fake ?

Hi Guys i just won this auction for an Invincible Michael Jackson Cd Booklet Cover signed by the King Of Pop.

I wanted to know if this is a real or a fake. I highly suspect it is real since it was won at Iconic auctions and sold elsewhere.

Would like to know what your opinions are. Mr Roger Epperson seems to have approved it via email.

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I think that your MJ is real. 

Thank you for your opinion ! :). 

Hi Steve, Can i ask you what makes you think its real. I do have my doubts about this piece.

This is not an easy piece, partly because it's not as quickly signed as usual. I looked at it for a few minutes before I decided it's likely real, I think that there will be some here who know MJ who will think it's not real.

But never buy an autograph that you have doubts about.

I agree that you should never buy an autograph that you have doubts about.

Just couldn't resist the chance to own a piece signed by the King Of Pop. This was his lass proper studio album.

The thing that i find off-putting about this piece is the fact that the letters that come right after the J for Jackson have a space after the J.  I am yet to see an MJ autograph where he left such an apparent void space. That is so unlike him, given the perfectionist that I know him to be.

Maybe someone else in this forum can shed some light on this.

Hopefully, more who know MJ will give their opinions. If you not comfortable with it now it may nag at you as long as you own it. 

True. But I'd hate to miss out on this piece if it is the real deal.

I sent an email to Roger and he says based on the scans i sent him it looks fine.

I noticed in some emails to other people he says 'in my opinion this is authentic' if he's very sure and if he's on the fence he says 'Looks fine' and tries to be as vague as possible.

“Looks fine” is the same as “in my opinion this is authentic.” You’re talking about a quick opinion, and it’s just what he says at the time as he types it out.

Oh i see. Thanks for clarifying Steve. :)


It just occurred to me that everything at Iconic is pre-certified or fully certified. So I wanted to check and see who looked at it. 

This was offered with a full Epperson letter of authentication. It did not reach reserve. That concerns me of course… What happened to it?

Well The buyer who sold it to me told me it did not reach reserve and therefore did not have a receipt to give me from iconic auctions. ( The person who sells it was from Ebay)

This is the reply he sent me:

However, I absolutely don‘t know how this auction could sell for that (funny) low offer - as there was a reserve of 550 EUR...!! So you will understand I am not amused so far.

However, you‘ll get this item if you want.
If there are any doubts I am definitely not unhappy to cancel this transaction.

In that case just let me know.

Thank you for your understanding.

Marcus Becker

Also there was no full letter of authentication. Just an Email between Roger and the buyer as proof of authentication. This is why I'm doubtful.



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