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In my opinion, I believe the above Michael Jackson signature is Not Genuine. This is a known forger’s writing style. 

I am confident when I say that Wascher will agree with me...these are fake!  I know she has background information on the source of this type of forgery.  I have seen it many times.

Definitely fake.

I'v been loitering here for a few years now. Do any of these loafers/fedoras/shirts/etc ever turn out GOOD? 

Lol.  I just about rolled my eyes when I saw the loafers!  I’ve actually often wondered the same thing.  I can’t really recall a time when any such item was deemed authentic which begs the question:  did Michael really ever sign such things?  He probably did at one time or another, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them.

Is there a back story? Were these supposed to be MJ's shoes? I always enjoy hearing the backstory, even more so when the piece is obvious garbage. I've been at conventions where I'll walk over to a table, spot a horrendous fake and ask for the story. I tell them outright, "We both know this is fake and I'm not interested in buying it, but I'm just interested in the story that goes with the piece, that's all". lol

Indeed LOL :) Sometimes I am the guy behind the furniture dealer miming to the new couple to check the back legs... ;) All in a days work.




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