Hey gang, what do you think of this Mickey Mantle?

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bummer.  I don't know how you guys can figure this stuff out, but it looks like the opinions are pretty unanimous.  Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Would you mind telling me what looks off about it?  I run into these at local auctions from time to time and I would like to be able to make a better informed decision.  Thank you.

a million things including for starters signing through the sweet spot of that photo. He usually would fit the autograph perfectly in the sweet spot. That's clue #1. second clue is every letter formation is off

Best advice buy a MM with a PSA or JSA COA, it will cost more than with no COA but like a lot of informed people on this site stress, you are taking a risk because there are a lot of professional criminals that have no problems with penning a MM auto adding a it belonged to my grandmother from NY and now it time to sell it, story. Pay the 3 to 4 hundred dollars for the PSA OR JSA and sleep better knowing that the day you say it is time to sell it you won't be holding a worthless item.


Thanks for giving Rick your opinions. The most important purpose of Autograph Live is to help protect collectors and fans from buying or selling fake and highly questionable autographs. Be careful not to say things that could be insulting. Remember, everyone was a beginner once.



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