From when he was in the Minor League.

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I have 3 Trout autos, one from his final minor league season (IP) and 2 from his rookie season and nome looks anything like that, I wouldn't touch that forgery if you paid me, as it looks very slowly drawn as well.

The guy said he got it signed in person from single A.

Looks way too bold/awkward, with no natural flow. I would stay far away. FYI people can say whatever they want, that is what forgery sellers do. They make up bogus crap...

There are so many Trout forgeries I would only feel comfortable buying one that is MLB authenticated, pack pulled card, or get him IP.


And since Trout's signature is so "simple" it's very easy to create a decently convincing forgery.

Provenance should NEVER over ride the autograph itself, it's worth spending the extra money on guys like Trout, Puig and other young stars as those items will likely maintain their value far better than others. PSA and JSA Witness/ITP Auth is also pretty reliable too!

You will always pay more for quality or a guarantee, but for a player of Trout's level and ability, with these younger superstars I can confirm you need to go with trusted sources as a story is just that, you or I can make one up so easily and make it convincing.

Look at the bottom part of the T, he drew it slowly. No good.

The whole graph is very labored, the M is wrong in more ways than I can count, there is no flow or racing effect on any letter and it looks like the pen was pressed down very hard and slow, the letters are all shaky as well.

Then hes lying and I would consider him a bad seller. 

These were offered from Grandstand Sports during Trout's rookie season. i won't comment on anyone else's piece, but these have been available in the shop I work in for a few years now.

These at least have flow though, the signature in the OP isn't close

here is a Minor league-2015



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