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A seller on eBay has a nice Morgan Freeman piece I’m considering buying.  It’s authenticated by JSA and I checked the number out on their website and it’s in the database.  He told me it’s a steal at the price he’s asking because Morgan is a very tough signature to get and other less fuller signatures which are JSA certified go for over a hundred more than he’s asking on eBay, which is true. I looked.  However, I did a Google image search and came across another Morgan Freeman photo specificied as a reprint, and it looks like the very same exact signature, right down to where the ink seems to have been applied heavily.  I’m very confused by this and don’t know what to think. I am hoping some of you can take a look.  The original one for sale which I want to buy has the white background with the JSA sticker.  The reprint is the other photo.  Don’t they look like the very same exact autograph?  Is it possible JSA made a mistake or could a dealer use one of their exemplar signatures to make completely different reprints like this?  Thanks. 

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There is a lot of folks who steal signatures and make reprints or copy them into other items. EBAY full of them. Unfortunately some of these even make it through authenticators when submitted in mass quantity submissions. Most recent one I saw was with Steve Grad and Beckett.

This photo you like looks like the original. Im not the best on Freeman so won’t make an opinion on it.

I thought it looks like the original too.  Thanks for commenting.  It’s so difficult to decide because Morgan is super rare.  He simply never signs anymore and hasn’t really if at all for about 10 years since his car accident.  The seller accepts returns for 30 days. Maybe I should take it to JSA again even though they authenticated it and show them what I found. I fortunately live in NJ where their main office is. 

At best one is real.

I would agree the pic of him running has to be the original.

"..."Wow.! You have the same pic too Erik??? Is that what you’re implying?"..."

Those are the two you showed - I simply overlaid them in 50% transparency to confirm your observation. At best, one is real.

Lol I misunderstood.  Gotcha.  I def think the one of him running is the original judging by the marker tip marks and flow up close. My guess is someone saw this photo in an auction, took a pic of it, and used a computer to copy the signature to sell reprints.  

Yes, this is what Rick was suggesting. 

The running Morgan signature looks pretty good. The Etsy one is a shop that is openly filled with prints. This person has done a really terrible job of using the selection tool in Photoshop to lift the signature from the original.

Thanks!  I agree with you on both counts.  Morgan is a very tough signature to get.  According to the dealer, this was done many years ago before his vehicle accident even occurred.  It’s definitely a rare signature and thus it makes sense others would want to copy and reprint it.  



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