Does this have much value?

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It's 8x5

Did you get this in person? I ask bc it looks pretty sloppy and Im highly questioning its authenticity. 

Looks fine to me and came from a reliable source. I don't mind sloppy as long as it's genuine. 

It's a difficult one. For me, there aren't enough samplers to look at. Was it a bit rushed? Most of what I've seen are from books ect, where he probably took his time. You find this with a lot of autographs. Was this a rushed job? It's hard to tell. No one can say it's fake. I think the best that can be said is that it doesn't match up so well with available samplers. I've haven't seen many signed autograph pages, where it could be more rushed. Autograph authentication is more that just a match-up job. If that were the case a lot of good stuff would be failed.

What your photo suggests is that they don't match-up. That doesn't mean it is not genuine. Unless...……..

Exactly, but if Im buying, Im not buying atypical - this speaks to the value of the piece in question.

Yes, it could be real, but that can be said of most anything. As you said, the sig in question doesnt match up well with any Ive seen.

Which is why I asked for context in my original post.

All of the information is used to reach  a personal degree of certainty. Your standards may very well differ from mine. 

Based on the sig traits alone, this isnt one I would be comfortable with. 

My 2 cents.

I agree. There isn't enough evidence. I also agree that you need to be comfortable. You don't want to keep looking at it and wondering.

I wouldn't buy it because I can't find enough evidence to go off. So I agree there, also. 

My standards are high. 90%+ I give this autograph 70%

But having said that, I can understand it being subjective. I've not seen that many samplers to be certain, so there is an element of doubt.

If it is real I'd say Morrisey's value is probably at an all time low what with the controversial comments he's been making. He cancelled his last gig which was in his home town of Manchester due to a protest rally being arranged to coincide. Long term I imagine his Smiths legacy shall keep his autograph sought after.  




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