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Has anyone ever heard of Team Derek? Supposedly he was an associate of Mead Chasky, and I know Chasky's sports stuff is solid, but I have never heard of Derek.  Anyone have opinions on Chasky's entertainment items?

Here are a bunch of items with Team Derek/Chasky holograms on eBay:


Some look good to me, others I am not familiar with. Thanks!

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I looked at several items, including the GNR item, and i personally would avoid this seller. The steve perry baseball at the beginning also looked horrible, but that could be due to circumstance. But i wouldnt feel comfortable buying from this seller. Their might be some good items sprinkled in though in my opinion.

Here is the Steve Perry Baseball:

Here is the GNR drum head. I have to admit that if this is a fake, its a good one. But their is something about the formation of Slash and Axl that worries me. But if they are bad, they are close.

Here is a Buddy Guy drumhead:

Here is a Peter Criss:

And here is a Roger Waters

I checked out the auctions and there was actually an item I was interested in: http://www.ebay.com/itm/UK-Autographed-Record-Album-4-Signatures-Ho...

But I don't have any familiarity with these signatures at all. And it's not cheap enough to roll the dice! LOL

Hi Zipper,

I am familiar with Holdsworth's signature, and i am confident that this is not his real signature.


Thanks for the breakdown.. I agree that they are very close if they are bad. This seller has quite a few listings every week, last week he had some Mead Chasky and JSA items that looked solid to me, but this week he has these Team Derek pieces that I have never heard of. I'll see what unfolds this week.. Worth a watch.
I'm not familiar with all the signatures he has listed, but I know some of them VERY well. In my opinion, the GNR, the Steve Perry, and the Buddy Guy are all forgeries. The Roger Waters actually looks good, though. Never heard of "team Derek". I would avoid the seller.

Sorry I missed your comment earlier - what is your opinion on the Chasky items I pulled out below?

He has new items up tonight for this week, a blend of the Team Derek and Mead Chasky.. Am I incorrect in stating that Chasky's items are good?
I know Mead Chasky as a sports related dealer who had a number of athletes under agreement and supervised signings. From what I've seen, it was good material.

That said, I have never heard of Mead Chasky dealing in in-person entertainment autographs. Not to say Chasky never did, but that was not my understanding of what Chasky dealt in.

I just looked at some of his new items, and every item I looked at that i was familiar with was a forgery. Here are just a few.

First is a poor quality Slash in my opinion.

Here is a Pete Townshend that doesnt look right to me. Townshend is a very good TTM signer, so why fake it?

Here is a Uli Jon Roth that looks way off

And here is a Bon Jovi. Now i only have one Bon Jovi that came from his website, and i know his sig has changed through the years, so i dont know for sure on this one. But noting his other items, id say this one is suspect too. But their are many other items on his ebay seller account. I just picked a few i was familiar with. I think they are all likely bad.

And all these items are starting at like 10 dollars. And before the last batch ended a few hours ago, i noticed that they all had bids on them. Its sad that a great number of people out their bought these.

I also noted this Nils Lofgren in his inventory:

Is this Nils's 2012 signature style? I got him in 2010-2011 and his signature wasnt this style. Looking around online i found some 2012 examples on ebay that seemed similar, but not quite the same, save one:

To me this item looks very similar to the Nils above, but it also looks extremely shaky. When you zoom in on the L in Lofgren (looks similar to a P), that loop looks extremely shaky going all the way down into the formation of the next letter. (at least i think that is the formation of the L in Lofgren) That could be just me though. I am a huge advocate of PSA and JSA, and if Roger looked at this and gave it the thumbs up then im sure its real. I just havent seen that much of this style of Lofgren before and it appears strange to me. Any opinions?

The Nils is the only one you picked out with a Chasky hologram, as you stated, it would be nice to see what Roger says about those Team Derek pieces.  However, here are a few Chasky pieces he is selling:




38 Special

Eddie Money

Like Zipper mentioned, I only know Chasky as he is associated with sports.  It would be nice to hear some opinions on his entertainment items.



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