Need help identifying these autographs if anybody can help?

Hi AML Members, 

I need help identifying these Autographs if anybody knows? 

Many thanks,


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Please can anybody help

Regards Rob

Anymore info about these autos? ie. where acquired from, date, politician/actor/athlete, etc...?

Could be totally wrong, but this is what I came up with:


melsie / melise / meline
neriosy / neriony


earlton / carlton / earūlln / earūlon
enaus / enauts


hut / hat / hert
hall / hay

Hi, Thank you for your message. They were acquired by a limousine driver, they are not mine they are part of a collection, either TV/Film genre. There was about 50 Pound Notes signed altogether. This is as much as I know.. Thank you again for your reply and trying to help etc. 

Best wishes, 



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