I've been doing a little digging (alot) on my Steve McQueen autograph and I can't tell if it's a real or a fake, it's so hard to be objective in this mather since I really want it to be authentic. I've been looking at signatures from 1975-80 and I've found some examples that is similar to mine. PSA/DNA examples and checks http://www.mcqueenonline.com/cheque.htm  and in some examples he writes the "To" like mine. He sometimes writes different T's. Anyway I would appreciate any opinions; positive or negative.I just want to come with peace with this autograph since it's kinda driving me nuts. If I didnt live in Sweden I would send it to PSA/DNA, but the custom would be to much. I do know it's not a traditional McQueen signature we usually see, if it's real it's probably from the end of the 70's.

I bought it from a ebay seller named "majormjk" 2008, he doesnt have an account on ebay anymore but his name was Zach Kaplan. It came with a coa from Herman Darvick, made some time between 2005-08. I've doing some reading on Darvick and found some rather unpleasent articles about him forgering presidential autographs and such. makes me wounder, could he have forged this McQueen sig?

That's all I have on it. Oh one more thing, what does it say after "To Richard" ........... ?

Some help would be very appreciated.

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I read it as "To Richard with best wishes" but that is just my guess. I can't match the handwriting or particular inscription phrase to any McQueen I have seen. 

me neither Pete, I searched google and not a single one. Wonder what made mr. Darvick think it was the "real deal"?
Yeah with best wishes seems about right. Thanks :)

Mr. Darvick is a member here - why not ask him your questions?

I actually sent him a pm, but he didnt answer unfortunately. Maybe he didnt have time.

http://rrauction.k2imgs.com/content/images/larger/3256/3256886.jpg Found this signature on RR. Havent seen it before. The handwriting has some resemblence to mine. Wishfull thinking? Thoughts?

Perfect example Linus,...A lot of resemblence to yours.

Lets look at the facts, never mind "Darvick".....Its signed on a Rare Photo from The Getaway, The S, the T and the Q are "on the Money." The ink is very old, Its signed to a particular person,...Forgers don't typically sign an autograph to a specific person when they "know" that an autograph is worth more than when signed by itself. Sometimes you have to look at all of the other "things" surrounding an Authentic autograph. The age of the ink on the photo is very reveling...Don't sweat it Linus, Its Real !!!

How many authentic McQueens from 1972-1980 have you actually seen? 


Teresa, while I don't have an opinion with odds better than 50/50 on this one, the "forgers don't personalize" argument shouldn't be considered a determining factor of authenticity. Of course, it's beneficial for authentication to have personalization, as the more ink to examine, the better. And some elemental characteristics in that personalization that may not be included in the signature can help determine authentication. But as we've seen here before, forgers do personalize. While it's the exception rather than the rule, it does occur.

Indeed. Often some names call for certain inscriptions and would look odd w/o them. Aged ink is of limited value here. The fact that Pete can't match the hand or inscription is of more interest to me. 

I can't help with who authenticated it, but I can say that the person who signed it seems to have taken bits of Steve's 1950's signature and mixed it with bits of his 1970's autographs. It's like nothing I have ever seen in an authentic McQueen signature....ever.  




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