Hey guys! So I got this Kobe auto and it’s authenticated by Beckett, however I’ve heard some stories of fake Beckett slabs so I wanted to confirm with some experts if this is indeed authentic. I have only ever seen fake Beckett BAG slabs that are for card grades, never any fake slabs for authentic autographs with serial numbers. With that in mind, I am 99% sure this autograph is authentic, but that 1% still makes me uneasy. What do you guys think? Thanks! Also I have not received it in the mail yet and these are the photos from the seller.

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Hi Luke,

Can you take a full-on high-res photo of the front please? Thanks

I would if I could! However I don’t yet have it in hand yet. Thank you for the quick response! I’ll give you a high resolution photo as soon as I can. Based on the third picture with the flash is there any judgement you could make? Thanks again. 

The photos are suspiciously poorly shot. The full-on front shot is poorly lit. You can’t get a good look at the autograph. That could be because it’s an inexperienced seller, but if not, it’s unlikely that a legit experienced seller would use that photo. 

I can’t give you an opinion on authenticity until I see good photos. 

The seller’s other listings could help determine if they’re legit or not. 

I understand that for sure, I’ll have it in hand later today and I’ll post better pictures here. The seller is a sports card seller who has many other PSA graded cards listed, no other autographs however. All of his listings did not have very good photos and they all had poor lighting. 

Here are some better pictures. I can now 100% guarantee that the Beckett slab is authentic. If this autograph is fake then it got past Beckett. Let me know what you think and thanks again!

Those are the kind of photos we needed! Yes, the autograph looks real to me. 

Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it! As a new member you guys are awesome. 

Hi Luke, I'd like a better photo once you receive this. I am on the fence based on the scan you've given with some concerns on the autograph but there are certainly some strong genuine characteristics. I'm leaning more to real but would like a clearer photo once you can get one to allay any potential concerns.

Thank you! I should have it in hand later this week. What about the Beckett slab, does it appear authentic to you?

From what I can see it does but check it very carefully once you receive it, make sure it is properly done. Do you mind saying how much you've paid?

I will for sure, won an auction for $880. Good price for a Kobe auto considering how much they go for now, but definitely not cheap either. 

That is a good pickup. These were going for 2-3 times that after he passed and that price is a really good deal



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