The story on this one is to have been 'concert used" it certainly looks USED....but it could have been just some old used Drumhead someone got signed..IF the signatures are even real. I did not see this one signed.


Can someone check the KURT, dave Grohl (which from my in person examples from Grohl this- appears authentic to me) nad the third member--Krist... but for some reason..he signed this with a  "C" iot looks like not a K for looks like Christ...??? SO I have questions on its authnetiity...i have no other info...signed around 1992


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I don't know Nirvana autographs but they look like they were signed by the same person to me. It'll be interesting to see what the gurus here think.
I have 2 signed records that I got in 1991. You can see them on my page. I should say that the drumhead is not genuine.

can i have the link to see the authentic signed one...


Please check out the Pink Floyd THE WALL I posted..I beleive that to be real...  thanks

Hi, I like your Nirvana records.

 Here's a cd from my collection . It comes from someone who was a friend and also worked for the band many years.

those nirvana sigs do not cut the mustard. they also wouldnt pass psa so i would just save your dough....D

NO i am aware those are forgeries...was just checking to make SURE.. ididnt think they were authentic..i know who sold that to me...his phone was disconnected years other comment on this..its FAKE.
Sorry to hear that. Tell us who is is, just in case he's shown up elsewhere.
Unfortunatyely he wont...this was sold to me in 1992 from some guy in Oregon I beleive is where he lived..named Robert Esch. When I was told the Nirvana didnt seem real-- icalled the number he gave me -and it was disconnected..oh well..that was a learning experience...

The two Nirvana Cds Bjarne has referenced and linked on his page are good examples of Nirvana signatures. Nirvana signed their names like children would, but you can tell the difference between what is good and what someone would think would look good to an unsuspecting customer, which is often the case with Nirvana signatures. Nirvana are undervalued signatures because of the difficulty in truly authenticating their autographs. It is truly just hard to believe if the signatures are real or not, so you are only going to have the most desperate of fans/collectors/investors willing to shell out the money on their signatures. Provenance and knowing your seller is key in dealing with their autographs. You may see only one or two real ones a year offered at auction or ebay.


Similarly, another artist who passed away way before his time - the late great Jeff Buckley. Jeff thankfully had a very distinct signature - so it is a completely different animal than authenticating Kurt or Nirvana signatures. He did not have the impact commercialy that Nirvana had, but his rampant underground following and dedicated fans keep his signature in demand. It is not meant as hyperbole, but his influence on professional and/or successful musicians at least, could compare - or exceed that of Nirvana.


Unfortuantely Kurt is the one member I missed in person..I met and got photos with all of Nirvana..cdave, Crist, and later member Pat...but Kurt eluded me..and I didnt go back the nexr never i wasnt able toget a real Kurt to compare.... and yo u are right--his signature is very "child like"..Dylan now signs the same 'child like way" on his art prints he was selling through a gallery ..

Hi James, what do you think of the cd I posted ? I would appreciate your opinion.

 I agree you have to rely on provenance and knowing your seller.  The person I got this from has photos with Kurt and the other guys from the early days of Nirvana.

Hi Mike, I know there are a lot of forgeries with in person photos.

 This is different in that there is behind the scenes stage shots with the guy working for them.  Ones of the guy setting up the equipment and fixing microphones with the band right there.   I don't think they have been doctored so they look legit.


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