I'm a french record collector, new to this community.
I'm considering buying an autograph from Kurt Cobain but as I've seen on the internet it appears that 99% are fake.

But I'd like to have your opinion about two items :

1 - Nervermind album, the seller tells me that Nirvana signed it for his cousin in Grenoble (France) after their last concert in France. 

2- In Utero from an internet seller, don't know the background of the item but the seller emphasize the presence of a COA. Suspicious, but the autograph doesn't look like the usuals fake.

Thank you for your help.

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Both aren't real IMO.  Not even close in fact.  Also if the seller(s) aren't asking for $thousands, they're most certainly fake.

Thank you for this useful answer.

Both not authentic. 

Thank you, very interesting blog posts by the way.



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