Notice anything strange about this Rivera ball offered by Probstein123?

You have to look very closely but it becomes painfully obvious.  This is a current auction, and the bids are up to $115.00

For the record, I did contact the seller about this last week, and their response was "looks like a bad pen".  yeah that's it.

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A faded signature was traced over. If the slow, wobbly application isn't enough to convince someone, you can actually see remnants of the gray faded signature peeking out in spots.

Bingo.  the point is that it is obvious just by looking at a photo.  I understand that powersellers like this have thousands of items for sale at one time, so something like this can be overlooked.  but in this case, I actually contacted them on it, and it is still being listed.  Once the recipient sees the ball in person, I am sure the seller will have a return on his hands.

Wow, nice catch. 

yes.  slowly drawn to me. 

I once purchased a similar item.  Luckily for me, it was a Steve Carlton ball, cost only about $25-30.  Once I realized it was traced over a faded signature (about a year after I purchased), i removed the signature and now use the ball for catch.   Now it's something I look at very closely.  

some are more obvious than others.  there is a Red Sox ball currently on ebay, where someone took a faded souvenir ball, with stamped signatures and traced over them.  Unbelievable. 

Great catch! This item needs to be removed from Probstein123

Looks like the same thing happened on this Mattingly ball:

yep.  it looks like one of those cheap china balls, where the ink bleeds into the cover. definitely traced.

wow.  in blue ink over black stamp. 


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