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Honestly that was my thought as well, especially since the first talks about it was from the German store and there totally could have been a miss communication there with the translation of it all. I guess we will all just have to wait and see, all I know is if it is printed on there I absolutely will be contacting them for a refund due to false advertising.

Someone sent me it last night, and first of all I think it was from Umusic (Canada), not her main store. I might have that wrong. But the emails sound just weird. My take, unless the employees were completely incompetent, was that they weren't even talking about the signed print preorders but that new "International Box" set thing she started selling earlier this week.

For reference. Her websites still show her signing the 12 x 12 prints and 5 x 5 CD art cards.

wow I hadn't seen those responses, the ones I saw said they were signed such as this one. 

lol ok so I had some MAJOR Deja vu while reading that post you shared lol. I believe we may actually be in the same Taylor swift group. I seen that exact post yesterday I believe! I'm honestly not too worried, figured id see what peoples thought were here. I'm hoping its all just all miss communication and lines getting crossed.

I'm actually not in that group - a friend forwarded to me. Again, I suspect either she got the two dumbest employees at the company or they're talking about something else entirely (i.e. that box set).

yeah I just wrote them myself just to get it on record in case they do end up being bad, but I'm with you that it could just be miscommunication, mainly because I've never seen any company admit that they would be sending out fakes and doesn't seem like something they would do. also not worried yet but will be watching

Bravado has vastly expanded their signed offerings for the upcoming album, now both the standard cd, black vinyl and the four "store exclusive" vinyls (purple, white, red and blue) come with a signed artcard. All six versions are currently in stock.

€37.65 to ship one €18.99 cd to the USA. I have signed art cards from her 1st cd and never bought any of her 2nd album when they were available. Tempted to pick up a cd now so I went through checkout just to see the total. €56.64!!! Figured I'd post to save others time if you are thinking about buying from the US. Thanks for posting still

Ok I wasn't worried and the response I got still isn't clear to me but it doesn't sound good. any thoughts? 


Sounds like someone at the company might be tangled up in terminology here. Yes, the insert is printed. It's a print. A hand-signed print was what were were sold. "Print" is not referring to the signature, but the material being signed. 

yeah i hope so because that response sure sounded to me like he was trying to say otherwise, and I took it the way you said which is what makes sense unless they are purposefully wording it to be deceitful. I wrote back again asking for a clearer explanation of what we are getting. 


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