Hi everyone, new to the game here. Looking to buy my first autographed item. What do you think about this signed Pearl Jam album. Any PJ experts out there?

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Hey John. Not in the field that I collect, give it a bit and hopefully others will comment.
Thanks Adam. It’s from a seller who seems to have a good reputation here.
Anyone out there who could give me an opinion on this album?
Thanks! All caps must mean your confident!
Sir Paul! Thanks again. Can you take a look at this one and tell me what you think? I’m deciding between one or the other.
Here’s the other 3 signatures
Looks fine! I dont like to buy item's that are framed because you dont know the condition of the item or how its been matted.

+1! Serious point. 

Thank you Sir.........Paul

What Paul has said is very important. You can find the most horrid things - ripped photos, improper framing materials, bad tape, paper loss...I have even seen duck tape and glue. There is sometimes a reason the thing is framed. Because it has the potential to reveal something awful/fatal, it must be a deal breaker to me. Nothing framed w/o return privilege (and you save on shipping weight - and why sell something  framed? What are the chances you will like MY mat choice or molding choice?). 



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