I am considering buying a rare and unique Ovation guitar which is not available anymore.

This guitar has 14 guitarists signed on the reverse including BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, George Benson etc

It includes authentication from Ovation on the uniqueness of the guitar and authenticity of the signatures from a leading expert.

Soooo, what's it worth?

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$2500 is a lot to spend on it but I will admit I spent $2500 on my AC/DC and $2800 on my Metallica. I probably overpaid but but to this day I do not regret it one bit, it all comes down to how much enjoyment it brings you.

Nice looking guitars TW. The owner said if the guitar had been one colour he would have them sign the front like he did a Van Halen designed guitar when he met EVH on a golf course but as the front is a sunburst beautiul design he didn't want to spoil it. And it is a unique guitar as the testimony from Ovation confirms.

what u spent on metalica and ac dc is a fair price if not a low price if there on what they look like . a real gibson sg and a real esp

i had a few metalica signed esps and ac dc signed sgs with the sketch and angus gets tired od drawing that real quick so you did good on them infact im sure if your ac dc is on a real gibson sg u made a profit by now if its whole original band  wit the brian line up.

just my opinion

josh and tw gave a very very brilliant suggestion of trying to get autographs on the front signed and use turn table display

I agree but not many top artist come and perform where I live.

Also if on a turntable then no need to get the front signed as the front is beautiful as it is, especially with the light reflecting on the maple.

aside from the top artists not playing near where you live, what are everyones thoughts of which artists would be best top on the front ?

considering very few artist sign guitars any more that u want. the pages the claptons the becks  the townshends and the big supperstars  dont anymore

and honestly the one person to have sign it would be mellisa etheridge as she actualy plays an ovation,i think  heart might also

Listen...I won't disagree about the coloring on the front looking nice. Hell, nothing is more beautiful then a sunburst Les Paul. But ya know what? If Jimmy Page is standing next to me, I'm having his ass take the sharpie and sign the front, not the back!!!!!!!!!!!



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