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OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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Yeah, that's true... I could see him signing at least some of them so it's probably worth the gamble, especially if you would have bought the album either way. I didn't try this time, and with how my luck goes normally, that should be a good sign that these will all be real lol.

Yeah , I was going to buy one yesterday but I hesitated . Bummer , but if there's plenty of them signed , and how simple they may be (quick autograph on a small card) , there's going to be plenty of ebay opportunities afterwards to scoop one up. 

True, might as well let the resellers deal with having to return them if they're fake. I'll probably pick one up if they are real and aren't going for too crazy prices.

I think everyone can cut out the speculation now. “They’re fake, wait, no they’re not.” Doesn’t matter anymore. They’re basically sold out now and we’ll find out come delivery. Thread should be locked until then lol. 

Just saw this bit of news.. Ozzy is set to attend SDCC July 22nd.. I wish I could go..anyways, if he is set to sign a few hundred autographs there, it seems promising he will fulfill the cds with real signatures. He must be recovering well 


That's pretty cool. Wish I could attend but there would probably be a huge line/slim chance of getting an autograph anyway I'd assume... but I've never been to a comic con so I'm not sure how that works. But good to see he seems to be in decent health, hopefully that's a good sign for these. 

SDCC is the biggest comic con.. Definitely will be a madhouse. Ive never been there either but have heard a lot of stories from people who have. I still would love to go one year. 

Yeah it looks awesome I'd love to go, or go to any of them. I need to make it to one eventually, I have a cast signed Evil Dead 2 poster that only needs Bruce Campbell... and he don't ever seem to do send in autographs, but does a lot of conventions.

Bruce Campbell was one of my 1st celebrity autographs ttm in the 90s. He sent me a signed postcard. I used to be such a big fan of his but for some reason havent been able to get into the TV show Ash vs Evil Dead. Ive started the 1st episode about 5 times over the years and could never finish it.. ill try again around Halloween and rewatch the movies too.

I havent been keeping up with his signing habits but man that would be an awesome poster to complete. Good luck getting it done.

Does this mean if you can still purchase patient number 9, one should do so?

Are they still for sale anywhere? I passed but like I said before, with how my luck goes if I pass they'll end up being real. Maybe I should have taken the gamble. 

They are still for sale in the UK on his website 


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