As everyone knows by now, Sir Paul is also quite an artist, wanna-be. He sometimes signs autographs with an added doodle. Often it is a simple smiley-face, which has changed over the years. Here's a group I've found that all have some type of third-party authenticity, so I am not making any claims myself. Any thoughts?

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look good.

Great, because I own the one, bottom right signed in his "High in the Clouds" book purchased from reputable dealer along with this signed CD.

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I don't like the one on the bottom right, and would suggest getting some more opinions about it. Could you possibly post a clearer pic of the CD cover?

They all look fine to me except for the one on the bottom right.  Just compare the signature to the others from that era you posted and you will see the formation is off as is the drawing.  Great topic though!

The book & CD came from the same signing.

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It does appear that they were signed by the same person, but in my opinion it wasn't Paul McCartney.

It doesn't make sense that they would have been signed at the signing as they were a long time apart when these were released and from every signing of his I've been to or heard of he didn't sign anything except the item he was promoting.  I also agree that the CD looks wrong too.

Perry Cox authenticated them. The owner brought both to the CD signing and actually has a photograph and ticket/wristband from the signing. On Nov 22, 2006 at the London Virgin Megastore.

May I ask if you purchased them directly from the original owner?

Purchased directly from owner.

If I'm not mistaken, that was a signing for the CD and "The Space Within" DVD. Did the owner provide any details as to how he was able to get the book signed?

You are correct about the signing for the CD & Space Within DVD.

The owner was located in the UK and stated that he bought the book but missed the book signing the previous year after waiting 7 hours outside at the Waterstone book store. When he attended the CD signing the following year, it was limited to the CD signing only. But when he explained why he bought the book along, Paul agreed to sign both and added the doodle. I have the wristband for that signing. He has a photo of the book store banner & of McCartney during the signing. 



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