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That would not be unusual, Julio.

Same happened to me

This is the response I got when I emailed in early February...

Dear Tom,

I am so sorry, but I don’t have an exact update on when this will de delivered. Andy Serkis has the names of the next batch, and he is signing and personalising the cards before posting them. Unfortunately he is very busy with filming and other commitments and so I can’t give you an exact update. You have not been forgotten, I promise!
I hope that all makes sense. Thank you so much for your patience and thank you for supporting Best Beginnings!
Best wishes, 

Here’s what I just got back today after reaching out yesterday:

My colleague Molly has left Best Beginnings.

Therefore, I’m forwarding your email to William.

He will be able to give you more updates on this.


With warm regards


Katarina Kent

Office, Administration and HR Lead

What was the address that was sent from?

Thanks for posting this.  I’ve been trying to follow up with this Molly but she hadn’t been responding at all after the initial contact.

I actually got mine in the mail today. Personalized with copper sharpie, signed in gold. He definitely didn't personalize these. Kinda b******* wait 3 months for that.

I never got mine either got the same email about Molly leaving and no further response. 

Finally got mine today.  Mine looks like some of the earlier ones... appears to be signed and personalized with the same pen... unlike the bronze/gold ones.

Wrote to them again today to see if there is any update. Can’t believe it’s been almost 5 months since purchase and the customer service is atrocious…. 



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