Phoebe Bridgers signed print on German site - anyone received this?

I think I got screwed here.

I ordered the vinyl with print some months ago. I got a mail it shipped the 24th of june but it hasn't arrived yet. Since it's a neighbour country to Belgium and I got other stuff from Germany within a few days I think it will never arrive.

Furthermore, when I now check in on and look at my order status it says "no orders"!

They just erased it and don't answer my questions. What a bunch of frauds...

Anyone got theirs? 

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I'm in the UK and got my signed copy from JPC about a week ago. I received a receipt through the post about a week before the LP arrived.

Yes received it from jpc. No problem, and never got problem with them. What may have happened is that your order was not recorded on their system when you entered it. This is very rare but can happen (happened to me only once, at Rough Trade, I had confirmation but nothing on their website). Internet is not 100% reliable, this is not a perfect world...

The way their system works is very odd, I e mailed them when I placed my order to check it had gone through as it wasn't clear at all

I don't think that's what happened here.

I got mails with confirmation of my order. My payment went through.

I could follow my order status on their website and it was already some steps further in the shipping process. Last step was that the package was presented to the Deutsche Post on 25th of june. It stayed on that status untill yesterday. And now this order just dissapeared. 

I also got an email confirming the shipping.

Gonna file a claim on Paypal.

Mine just came in (I'm in the US). Is the print inside the sealed vinyl? Because otherwise I didn't seem to get it.

Yes the signed print is inside

Ah thanks. Seems to be a fairly rare, sought after vinyl already regardless.

It finally arrived last week. Seems there was a problem with my delivery address. JPC eventually got it back from the Deutsche Post and they shipped it back to me.

So all good in the end :-)



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