Got from a very reputable Production Company in Ireland that worked with Brosnan a number of times. Not sure what year? Very neat and tidy. Wondering if it's real of secretarial? Opinions welcome.

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Looks like an old one, my opinion would be it is real.


Without tracing back known preprints, that would be my first guess. Pierce hasn't signed that nicely since his Remington Steel days. The white hair at his temples tells us that photo is about 20-25 years too late.

Ask the internet and it shall provide.

This exact match is available on ebay,  incorrectly listed as an original, I might add

. Preprint it is!

Aha! Thanks Pete, I had my suspicions, it was way too perfect for my liking. That's why I always check with you guys!

I share the same concerns as Pete



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