Whats up guys...I have this vintage Catchers Mitt that I am going to have signed but I just don't know what would be the best way to go about getting this signed and what is the correct utensil to use...I know after a while they tend to look like crap...but I just don't know...any and all help would be appreciated...thanks... 

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Ive seen some nice signatures on gloves with silver or gold paint pens....i wouldnt use a sharpie though

I'd agree and go with a silver paint pen.  It seems to show up and last best on leather.

Thanks biggest concern is on the silver paint markers there oil based and it scares me to think if its signed with one of those the auto will have like a "sweat ring" of oil around it...I just don't know...I am also worried that a sharpie will bleed over time...I just don't know..thanks for your input guys...

You going to get Yogi on it?


You could always test a couple silver paint pens on other gloves (i.e. old ones used for catch) and see what happens.  Sharpie also as some other great paint pen colors, but I wouldn't get the water based ones.  On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure some sort of black marker wouldn't be the worst idea.  Since this is a vintage mitt, a signature that has too much of a modern look might look somewhat awkward.  Just a thought.

Also was thinking about black as well...the paint kind of scares me...I just don't know...I think I just may do the black...

ya that mitt is beautiful the way it is bro....I dont know if i would get it signed but your safest bet is with the silver.

The glove I know I can get...there out there in pretty high numbers actually...since I am not a glove collector I just have to get it signed...and I know the oil based markers may be a bad idea...i just don't know...

The water based ones seem to flake really easily, so I'd avoid those.

CEE if it were me, I would just use pen.

You know what...after thinking of all the options I think that may be the best idea...i am just torn all around...



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