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Power Forgery eBay Seller legendarysportsgraphs58 THE AUTO SCOUTS

I am really, really getting sick of these "The Auto Scouts" accounts, just when I think they're all shut down, I find another. How convenient, when the playoffs start, these thieves have every star from every playoff team. LOL. 100% THIEVES who survive via eBay. 

This one is a big time account with over 500+ positive feedback, this is eBay scammer/thief legendarysportsgraphs58

HILARIOUS descriptions: "We stand in line waiting for autographs so you don't have to!" LMAO. Such scammers it's sickening.

Same cheap horrific forgeries with typical "Comes with COA" description, and a bogus "AUTHENTIC" sticker that wannabe autograph collectors love.

These are cheap pathetic forgeries. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK.


Hilarious Peyton that ends in 8 hours, already up to $46


Of course the unlimited amounts of $2 China balls "signed" by every popular player ever.



REPORT THESE THIEVES. Without eBay, they do not exist.

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Someone paid $72 for this pathetic Luck forgery from eBay thief legendarysportsgraphs58


I guess this would be a good example of bad "luck"?

This thief (eBay seller legendarysportsgraphs58) has made $450+ in 4 days this month already selling cheap, pathetic forgeries that eBay gets a cut of...


Someone paid $71 for this Aaron Rodgers forgery LOL. Folks, this is the biggest forgery ring on eBay, and without eBay they do not survive. 


I'm sure the excuse is that Rodgers signed it when he was drunk and falling down the stairs.

31 PAGES of feedback, all forgeries. UNREAL. Also, eBay thief legendarysportsgraphs58 has gone by several other "eBay IDs":


*The last one is the most fitting... 

If only these moron buyers would just check his 3 negative feedbacks, they would be warned:

The items in the OP have been pulled, but this thief still has 50+ auctions remaining. It is unreal how big of a forgery ring this is, and they cover all sports. Downright sickening.

I would not be surprised if eBay has profited MILLIONS of dollars off of this ring alone. 

Again, I have to give much of the blame to the  moron buyers for keeping Ebay scammers like Ebay seller Legendarysportsgraphs58 in business on Ebay.


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