Haven't seen any discussions about this (sorry if there are and I missed 'em).


I have a lot of really nice items that I've always kept all nice and stored away with the idea of 'someday when I have the money, I'll start getting them professionally framed etc.' Well, of course pro framing is terribly expensive and of course I never end up having a couple hundred extra dollars sitting around...SO I finally figured I'd make a compromise and buy some middle of the road frames for the time being so I could at least enjoy some of my signed treasures.


Well, having some things up on the wall gave me quite a thrill, but I started getting paranoid after a while about whether they were going to or are fading. I have absolutely no sunlight getting into this room and only light from a chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room.


So, for all the experts out there: Can regular indoor lighting affect autographs? Do most/any/some of you display your autographs? How much does the supposed protective glass that the pro's frame with really help protect against lighting? Matting do's and don't's?


Any thoughts on any points in how to best preserve and display autographs, and any horror or success stories on these matters would be greatly appreciated. I kind of freaked out and took the things down that I had up for a couple years and put them back into safe storage.


...of course until I get those spare hundreds of dollars to do it right!


Thanks in advance!

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If any of them are silver or gold sharpie  the chemicals will make it fade fastest  with photos since the photographs are so fragile if kept in a top loader there is a chemical in it that will make it fade faster than your blues and reds  as far as pictures go. I herd polyester top loaders will work best to stop it from fading  ,but its expensive as hell, so depending on your collection  if its fading because of a chemical reaction markers red and blue don't have it high does but still could fade and  for other objects, depending on what they are just make sure the humidity is right and the glass will help but stores use that when there is high volume of light hitting pictures all day. So it will work I don't know if it will stop your fading but buy nice ass markers pay 25 bucks for one if it ensures the integrity of your piece. I m having the same problem with my Kerry King photo hope I was helpful Jeremy


I read your concerns about fading with interest as I have the same fears. I have a very rare autograph that was personally signed for me in my name and its irreplaceable. I have the provenance for it as the signing was filmed for me as a personal gift from the director. I have the film which makes the provenance very good so its 100% guaranteed genuine. The film of the signing was emailed to me in MP4 format and a week later the autograph dropped through the letterbox. I am currently in the process of framing it but am very concerned about fading issues. I did initially consider and cost out a mid sized frame with 92% or 99% museum glass...the grand total was about £250 with shipping, as I couldn't find a local stockist. Then I read that even museum glass will only slow down the fading process and not halt it completely. I tried what's been suggested on here. I've scanned the autograph at 300dpi and deepened the ink slightly so it still looks like ball point/biro ink. I've held it behind the glass and it looks pretty good.....you could say that it's not correct but if it's for your own collection and display and you have the original tucked away safe, then I'd say that this is an acceptable solution. And also the same size frame was £25 from a local photographic shop. The upside of this despite the massive cost saving is the ability to replace this over and over should it ever fade. Personally I would never buy a facsimile autograph but this is slightly different as I have the original. Hope this helps. 


With the proper scan res, exposure, corrections, control over the output and correct paper finish choice you should be able to produce a printed copy virtually indistinguishable behind glass.


Thanks for that....I shall now experiment with my editing settings until I get the results I desire 



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