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I've never studied Prince's autograph before but, having looked at the very few "symbol autographs" that I've been able to find on the internet, I assume this is a fake. Nonetheless I'd be pleased if somone could just confirm this:

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Doesn’t look good to me. 

Not real IMO.

Thanks Mark and Steve, it certainly didn't look like the few (all much more child-like) symbol autographs I have been able to find through Google but as the CD booklet had fairly passable autographs from several band members I thought there might be a chance.  

It is actually authentic, matches well to his French in-store signing. He signed the symbol that way (upwwards) only in the early 90s and then changed the way he signed the symbol in 1995 or so, before he completely quit signing.

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Thanks MG, I wish you'd seen my post earlier - it sold three days ago for ca. USD 500.

The seller mentioned Paris but the date he/she gave was a date that Prince played in the US (12 March 1993).

I must confess that I suspected I might be being over-cautious, especially as the CD itself had the gold embossed cover, which I think went out of print pretty quickly after the CD was released.

Here are the other signatures in the booklet.

This is real and was signed at Fnac Étoiles, Paris on September 1, 1993. In 1992-93 he signed his symbol like this. Then in 94-95 he changed his style for the symbol!
It is consistant with other signatures from the same day!

Elfar Sigmundsson
Prince Signatures Group



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