Who is familiar with Pristine Auction House?  I have been following several items there that keep re-appearing every 6 days.  This Keith Richard signed Stones album has been constantly in their auction every 6 days.  It gets a winning bid, then its back in again after 6 days.  Same exact signed album.  This also true of a Robert Plant signed album.  Both items get their bids, then are back again.  This has happened at least 4 times by my count.  Here is the link for the Keith.  ( I sent them an email asking about this.  No response)


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Shady practice of listing items in an "auction" format -- but only selling them if the bids get really high. So you'll either overpay -- or keep seem the same items over and over. I think they've has a Dylan LP go on and off for at least a year now.  I'd avoid this company. 

Wow thank you.  I couldnt figure it out, but what you say makes sense.  Another item, a Ronnie Milsap signed LP finally disappeared after 3 times listed.  They should  just list the reserve price they want so people know whats going on.  Awful practice.

Pristine is a RACC Trusted Seller. You may want to advise the RACC of this.

They have various forms of auctions and some of them have Reserves.  I don't think they end the auction saying Reserve not met it just shows as completed like any other item. When bidding it's best to know which type of auction your bidding on so you know if there is a reserve. You can read more under Auctions on their faq: https://www.pristineauction.com/faq

Nearly all the "good stuff" especially the rock and roll items have reserves. And very HIGH reserves for that matter. Why don't they be honest and actually say when an item doesn't meet the reserve -- rather than listing it as a completed auction? 

Thanks.  I have the answer as to why the same exact item that I bid on (and supposedly lost to another bidder) keeps re-appearing every week.

It is definately the reserve not met.  Just so happens I have an item I sent them and it hasn't met reserve so they will continue to put it around till the reserve is met.  Consignors are asked if they want a reserve, if so they list the item till the reserve is met.

I do however agree, they should probably indicate at the end of the auction if it has not sold due to reserve not being met.




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