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I sent items to PSA/DNA in California . After 65 days they sent it back. All items failed. I sent a dozen items to their location in New Jersey. I had a turnaround time of 3 weeks with just one failure. If you look at what signatures each company certifies on e-Bay, it doesn't look like they are working off the same lists. One company seems to favor one style of autograph while another favors a different one. One company will fail the same signature passed by another one.

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You submitted the same items to two different PSA/DNA offices and received differing results? 

No. I submitted the item to a different company. The signature looked good to me. It was of a minor star and from a company where I have many items passed. I was surprised it failed. I wanted a second opinion.

I work with PSA... a lot.  Their NJ office was 10 miles away and I was a twice-a-month in person customer the last several years.  They have since moved to Jersey City and way more difficult for me to visit in person; I've been twice since their move.  I can only speak to the NJ office where I've submitted literally hundreds of items and in my opinion their results have been accurate; the items that failed were indeed questionable.  Most of my submissions pass because I am a big fan of "Quick Opinion" to avoid bidding on dicey signatures and because I am extremely careful who I buy from.  More relevant to this topic, my suggestion based on experience is to favor the NJ office with your submissions; just be sure to do your homework before you buy.

As an aside, the PSA reps I have met in person over the years consistently express their amazement that more customers do not use the "Quick Opinion" service.  Costs $10 and is applied to your item when submitted for authentication.  I have only ever had one Quick Opinion "yes" fail actual authentication.

I really wish I thought to use Quick Opinion before submitting my Elton John signature which turned out to be fake. If Quick Opinion told me that, I would had saved $100 (cost me $110 to do full authentication). 

I can't begin to tell you how many auctions I've avoided because Quick Opinion came back negative.

I regret the amount of confidence I used to have in quick opinions. I believe I lost out on at least three really nice items based on the result of a quick opinion, two of which were later authenticated. 

I have used Beckett's first look feature for items I own such as posters and photos with multiple signatures. Sometimes the "NO" comes back quickly and others in the same submission group take time. For the ones that took time, I will try a first look with JSA when they get the feature. I would use PSA but it is my item and not for bid.

I’ve been curious about what would happen if I were to get a quick opinion for an item that I’m confident isn’t authentic when the item has been authenticated by the same TPA and the cert is shown. A member here tried it with Beckett and received an “Unlikely To Pass” for an item they had already certed. However, in that case the authentication sticker wasn’t included in the image that was submitted.

I have photos with cert stickers from the infamous Anthony Nurse. Some pass. Some fail. I've had Angelina Jolie both pass and fail from him. I had a Sherie Moon Zombie fail PSA but then pass JSA. I have Tony Curtis and Lauren Bacall fail JSA and very similar signatures from the same person pass Becketts. My understanding is they only look at the signature and they ignore everything else. I have used Beckett quick look over a dozen times and only got a Ray Park to likely pass. Everything else failed, but I knew they were questionable to begin with. I have a few that I will use JSA first look when they get it. High-end stuff that failed Beckett. I don't want to give up on it yet.


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