Hey everyone,

So I’m on Facebook and I see this autograph store pop up on my newsfeed. I scroll through what they have and I saw lots of questionable autographs. The company is called Vintage Enterprise Inc.

I decided to leave a comment calling them out about their Jimmy Page autographs. I told them I've been studying his autographs throughout the years and none of theirs looks authentic.

They fired back and told me they have over 35 years experience and they have connections to the music industry. That there was a red flag. They also told me that signed Jimmy Page items are not that rare.

If you guys can check these guys out that would be awesome. The last thing I want is people getting screwed by them. So please check them out on Facebook by looking up Vintage Enterprise Inc. They also sell on Amazon which is another red flag. So please tell me what you all think. 

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There are def some terrible items on the Facebook page imo. 


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