Ok - My first post here, and I hope to get some decent input. I assume that this is ball is one of Coach's Corner handy-work, but I wanted your opinion:


The markings on the ball have it dated to 1948 - so this would have needed to be signed in the last 8 months of his life. There are a lot of red flags on this one, but I wanted to get some opinions of members of this forum.

No good?

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I do love when people know an autograph is bad or questionable, promote their item by saying...this authenticator is NOT banned from ebay. Right there it tells you the person selling it knows more than they are letting on.

I'm glad you brought this back to our attention. I previously started a discussion about this ball on Nov. 1, as bidding had gone over $10,000 with 39 bids!! Here's a link to the previous discussion, and I'll have more to say in a bit:


Welcome Mark ,the E doesn't line with R very well , very clean white ball ,ink, T finishes a little off.  I wouldn't buy it. Just my opinion.

Thank you, Sir. This is exactly what I was looking for.

What an outstanding site this is.


Its my pleasure but Im only a fellow collector with limited knowledge on any signature. Just an amateur (like I just posted on another blog) interested in autographs and trying to get it right. Just trying to help and giving my honest opinion not always right (but more right than wrong).

Good job, Mark, on spotting this fake once again. In the original discussion, AML member Jason Poulos, actually opened his own wallet to pay for a PSA/DNA quick opinion, which came back "Likely Not Authentic". I believe Jason then notified eBay of PSA's opinion, and eBay apparently took the auction down. Jason saved some innocent buyer over $10K !

But now I notice how this guy is saying that PSA/DNA stated "cannot render an opinion". That is clearly different than "Likely Not Authentic" and quite misleading. And he's still trying to take someone for at least $2500!

You should read about the owner of AMA. He says he even worked with the Cuban Secret Service. I suppose he was trying to protect Fidel's autograph empire from the evil doers.

Thank you James,

Very happy to be a part of this forum. 

I took the time to read through the previous [November 2014] post about this ball (hadn't realized it was previously listed) and was heartened by Jason's desire to set the record straight on this ball. Shows me the members of this board are of such stuff, that help preserve the playing field for us collectors.


Glad you joined, Mark. Yes, I think this site is truly one the forgers don't like, because there are a lot of people here who want to take the fakers down, so we can actually enjoy autograph collecting.

I like how they say they charge a 15% restocking fee. 

He has now dropped the starting bid to $750. And to think there was a time when he was primed to get over $10,000 for this crap before Jason's heady play took him out! Well, that's how the ball bounces sometimes.

There's no doubt this POS seller knows this Ruth is a fake. Look what other great items he has. Jordan Global forgeries that he brags, "Global is an accepted company on Ebay." That's the excuse he uses for selling forgeries.

Definitely a shady character. And then he's also offering a "game-worn" Lebron James jersey from his high school days. I'm sure that's legit!




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