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Questionable High-Profile PSA/DNA Items being sold LIVE AUCTION by ebay seller: probstein123

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The Rodgers autos look pretty awful.  As much as I'm not a big fan of PSA, they usually seem to get Rodgers right.

I kinda don't know what to do with those.  Rodgers signature is so simplistic that you really should be as careful as possible when making a purchase.  Most of what I see PSA and JSA cert clearly comes from his private signings.  These are decidedly not.  It's conceivable that Rodgers signed slightly more sloppily and in a less ideal spot in other circumstances (but keep in mind that he's following in Favre's footsteps by not being a particulalrly great signer).  But I don't see how PSA is authenticating them when they really can't give it a pass based just on that signature.  If they're certing these based on the source, that's information I'd want to know that PSA essentially erases.  I wouldn't recommend purchasing this to anyone looking for a solid authentic Rodgers autograph.  That's my take.

Otherwise, this seller seems to be fairly decent overall.  His other Packers stuff looked okay to me.

All of these are a match on the PSA/DNA web site for these items so they have been authenticated.

These I do believe are counterfeit...

I doubt it. PSA/DNA may be wrong on the authentication but the items match their data base. They were authenticated in 2011.

No, those certs look to be fake.  The M63009 is wrong.  PSA Certs have the Letter closer to where it says "Certification Number" and more spacing in between the numbers.  I have never seen a cert card look like that.  In addition, the typeface and font is all wrong on "Certificate of Authenticity."  Joe Orlando's signature is also too dark.  Also notice the white line in PA, and DA in the logo.

To a novice or untrained eye, this looks real.  But it is in fact a fake cert.  Pretty well done too.

Those PSA/DNA cert cards are reprinted by PSA/DNA in California. I had an issue one time where I misplaced a cert card and I contacted PSA/DNA who shipped a new cert card. When I got the new cert card I noticed the same thing with the bold dark numbers and contacted them again about that and they told me that the originals are printed threw a machine and the replacements were done in house by hand.

Whether this is the case here or not I do know that the reprinted cert cards look nothing like the originals. Do fake cards and stickers exist? I'm sure they do otherwise why would PSA have changed their cert cards again. It's just interesting that if this is going on in the hobby why wouldn't PSA/DNA or JSA address these issues on their website with a public announcement to let their paying customers know this is going on and what to look for. They just want to sweep it under the rug with everything else I guess.

This is a cert from a similar time period.  Notice the Q is so much farther to the left, and the overall spacing.  Also look at the logo, where it says "PSA/DNA"  The P, A and D, A have a white line through the top of them.  This is more common with their current cert.

The font at the top is also completely different.  

On this cert card, the number is clearly stamped, whereas on the one with the Lebron jersey, it is printed onto the card.

I think this is pretty serious.  I have a lot of PSA items like I'm sure many collectors do on this site, and I am concerned.   If anyone has other certs, please post them.  It would be great to see any others from that time period (2011ish).  That could help clear up this mystery either way.

Every sticker looks brand new, and is practically falling off the jersey already.  This just doesn't make sense.


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