As anyone heard of Art Of Music Management? they have issued a COA for a Ramones signed display (see attached) unfortunately I can't enlarge the signed photo as it is too blurry but I have never heard of them and their COA concerns me a little as there is no contact details or organisation affiliation mentioned.

Looking forward to your responses

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If you use the search engine here and look for that name you will find this among other things:

Art of Music Management

Once you read that thread you will want a refund. Likely not easy.

Thanks Eric,

Fortunately i haven't bought it yes just saw it on auction


Hi Bill, most welcome. Glad you posted here! :-) So many ask after buying...

Without even looking at the company, the framed presentation was an immediate flag to me.

Kudos to you, Bill, for doing your research before pulling the trigger.

Thanks. everyone's input confirmed I had made the right decision 


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