Can the expert legends help me out with this Tom Brady Autograph and tell me if you think it's a forgery? Any help is appreciated.

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I think you’re good 

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

I usually agree with ITguy, but I’m not quite sure on this one.  The overall construction looks pretty much in line with a current Brady autograph; however, the T looks a little off to me.  Except for the “y”, the autograph looks somewhat slowly-drawn to me.  So I would be cautious with this one.  Hopefully Terrier will look at it too.  He’s also good with Brady autographs.

Here are some examples of his handwriting. For me that was the determining factor. I agree the signature is a bit slow in parts, but I’ve seen some of his before with a Tristar hologram that were off

The B in Brady produces a shake and slow as well. 

But could be explained if this was obtained briefly in person and he wasn’t sitting at an autograph table at Tristar 

OP, does this have any holograms in the corner?

Does this have any holograms in the bottom right or left hand corner, OP

I don't think it has any holograms in the bottom corners, but I'll be able to answer that question better in a few days when I receive it. The guy guarantees it's a legit signature and will pass JSA or he will refund my money. I just wanted some general thoughts on it before I got it.  I really appreciate you guys looking into this. I will have better pics soon and also there is a JSA rep at an expo here in Vegas in a few weeks so I'm probably going to take it there and see if it passes!

If you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay? 

You guys are helping me out so of course I don't mind you asking. I'm skeptical because I only paid $200 for it and I know Brady charges way more at signings but the guy guaratees it will pass JSA, so I asked what if it fails and he said if it fails he will refund my money and pay for the JSA fee.  So I guess we will see here in the next month or so but I wanted to get your take on it before I bought it.  I mean it is kind of a crappy picture of Brady throwing a baseball but I just want his auto without paying a gazillion dollars for it, which is almost impossible these days.

nothing against JSA but I don't trust any of the TPA's opinion on Brady.  I have seen some horrible examples that passed.  

Damn! okay well then what do you recommend I do with it to get it authenticated?  I heard JSA is one of the best, but you guys know way more than I do so I appreciate all the input. 

What’s your opinion of the signature?



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