Hi folks!

I'm a brand new member and brand new to buying autographs, so forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere:

Could you please recommend as many sellers/dealers as you can for film-related autographs? I'm mainly into horror, but will happily check out non-horror too.

I'm aware there's PLENTY of frauds, hence joining this site and asking some experts!

I'm based in the UK, but I don't mind where recommendations are based.

Thank you in advance, folks! :)

p.s. They're for personal collection, not resale (in case you needed to know).


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Hi Chris and welcome to AL.

If you have a look at the groups section at the top of the page there is a horror section, also keep a look out on the buy & sell section for pieces that come available.

I am also based in the UK.


Hi Mike,

Thank you very much, mate. :) Much appreciated.



Going to conventions is a good place to get horror autographs, if you don't already.

Also, official websites are a good source. However, there's never a 100% guarantee they are genuine, though.

I got Robert Englund's autograph last year and have a couple of Robert and also met him in his Freddy makeup for a photo shoot - a great memory for me. I am also based in the UK.



Thanks a lot, Robin. :)

I get to go to a few conventions and fests myself too (I run my own horror site), but, weirdly, I've only just got the bug to collect my own autographs, and missed a LOT of opportunities (idiot!)! :P

I'm playing catch-up!

Cheers, mate


You're welcome mate - There will be other opportunities to get the autographs/photos you missed.

Last year was my very first convention and I am not always confident in travelling by myself, being by myself, but it was a great event, if a little crowded and the picture with Robert Englund is a memory for a lifetime and doubt he'd do it again, which is a shame as to many, he is the original Freddy.

Was also great to meet Neve Campbell as I am a MASSIVE Scream fan as well - great film series. Sigourney Weaver was also present.

A great event and hopefully will get to some more, soon. 

I would like to see your horror website as well. 



Wow, sounds a great event, man! And nice one for getting yourself out there! :) Remember the many good experiences over the few not-so-good and you'll be fine.

My site is

I'm based in Liverpool. We don't get many fests/cons up north! :P

Yeah LFCC 2015 last year was fabulous - expensive but worth it.

Thanks for sharing your website :) There are some cons in or around Liverpool but the big ones always seem to be in the Capital or there and there abouts, which is a shame. 

Yeah, the best ones seem to be down south, which makes sense really.

The odd decent con/fest creep up here, so hopefully that continues. :)

A good con has started in Sheffield recently and I'm starting my own in May next year.

No problem re sharing my site - the more visitors the better! :P It's non-profit and voluntary (the contribution) but we do okay.

Cheers, mate.

Good to see that the North are catching up :)

Will be great to see how your convention goes - maybe get a few guests along, if possible - :-)

Last year, I think we were a bit spoilt in London due to the high calibre of guests, which is maybe a bit unusual, which is why I didn't think this year's event was as strong. Also, one or two of the big hitters cancelled, sadly.

Just been for a visit to your site - very nice indeed. 

All the best for the convention ! 


Thanks very much for checking the site out! :) The more the merrier! :P

Speak soon... and if you come across any good places to grab horror autographs please let me know!


You're welcome Chris - if you let me know what you're into, I might be able to help :)

Best, Rob

Cheers, mate.

Anything horror really (providing it's good! :P). Do you sell items yourself?

Thanks, Robin


p.s. For some reason I can't reply to your messages, I have to reply to my own and hope you see them!



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