I'm not sure if these are supposed to be sold online but I'm starting to see them pop up, i've ordered 1 from each store and hope they don't cancel but i figured this would be a good place to add additional stores we find. Heres what i found so far



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yeah Josey records just changed to out of stock now too

I bet they're probably going to get like 20 signed copies and just sold more than 1,000 on their site.....

Out of stock st Josey

Out of stock at both 

All Zia canceled 

That sucks, worth the try though.

yeah just got my cancelation email from Zia, sorry guys i tried lol

It’s all good. Idk what possess’s people to call the store that usually only results in things getting cancelled 


Yea thank James D for getting all of these canceled. It's like telling the teacher Friday afternoon that they forgot to give out the homework. 

No worries, I loved the excitement.. im glad either way since we know for sure they are signing at least some. I thought the last release would be a one off signing event for them

Has anyone found a glitch yet? Lol



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