Wanting to know if this is real, let me know. Thanks

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It's real. Tracks has one for sale from the same limited edition.

Thanks, this is listed on craigslist and wanted some extra assurance before pulling the trigger on it.

Any other opinions on this item, i'm getting it off of craigslist from a non collector. Any opinions on the ballpark where this should be priced?

It is a nice item with nice signature.  I would estimate it at minimum $700.00, you may want to ask for provenance from the seller, that could help the pricing.

I have to disagree with your valuation of the poster. The very same one went unsold on eBay at an asking price of $375 plus shipping. 

He sold it to me for 250.00 local pick up no delivery...seems good?

Very good in my opinion.

That does seem like a good price. I've actually seen it sell for less, but someone got a real bargain.

Interesting. I was giving the estimate based on poster being limited edition and the fact that Ringo does not sign much anymore. However, I read that the gentleman bought it for $250.00 so very good call on your post.

I can only hope it increases in value, and there fore making this a good investment for me

This is the full poster 


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