Roger Waters Autographs Obtained IP on the Us & Them Tour 2017 Please Add Yours with Date

Here is mine: 2015 Wall DVD, 9.16.17 Nassau Coliseum

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Maybe Andrew will add his graph, as well as his photo of Roger signing on 9.16.17... ;)

Here are the 2 My Wife and I got at Nassau on 9/16, as well as a pic of half of me shown with Roger. We got a old Relics LP signed, as well as A DSOTM LP signed....

Thanks! Superb additions to this thread - and your collection! Is the Dark Side LP modern - is it dead flat/mat in finish? It seems with some of his graphs the pen paint pen is fighting the paper. Or is he just pressing to hard? Unprimed pens? I note older pressings, perhaps with more scuffs, hold his pen better. More of a mechanical bond. Some of the very glossy stuff I have seen his pens slides right over. Hardly visible. Like some Final Cuts.

The Dark Side LP was a modern matte finish one.   I had a older original one, but chose to buy a brand new copy in NM-M condition to get signed instead of the older one that had some of the usual condition issues of a 40 plus year old vinyl with a black cover.

I think paint pen usually is great on matte finish.   I think it has more to do with the paint pens being used for who knows how many days straight, and while signing RW keeping them opened, not shaking them, and I'm sure no one really getting them ready for use each time he signs. Plus when he signs, it is VERY quick, and he just grabs it right from his security guy, and quickly signs, so the setting probably doesn't help the silver looking perfect on most items, unless it was a brand new paint pen.

I know when I use a paint pen in a usual setting, I am always shaking it, and getting the paint flow good.  Like I mentioned above, in my opinion, I doubt Roger or his security guys are very worried about prepping the markers each day.

I use to think, go with an original copy to get signed...But more I have thought about it, a modern signature on a new copy makes more sense (to me).

A "period" copy would have that era signature and probably signed in pen. Where as a "newer" version copy being signed in marker or paint pen makes more sense to a modern signature being placed. That is at least how I think about it now. Condition also is a whole other arguement...But always get signed on what you yourself enjoy especially if you are keeping it!

My thinking exactly Adam! I covered this in my "qualities of an autograph" thread. I go a step further - only new modern releases for modern signatures, I think it is very important. One reason I chose this new Wall DVD from '14 is because is helps establish a minimum date when it could have seen signed as he does not really date anything. That and is has his picture which he said he would not sign ;) I also just loved that tour!

Yep Eric! Makes perfect sense!

If my original Darkside was in a bit better condition, I would have have went with it.  For me it is usually condition first.

The Relics LP i got signed was a older original LP, but the condition was better.  Plus the Relics LP cover is out of print, and as a kid growing up, it was a favorite of mine when it was in my Parent's vinyl collection.  

Never gave thought to your other point with the original LPs matching a "period" correct marker & signature.   Interesting thought for sure.  

Here is a better & full picture of the Relics LP I got signed...

Lovely! I didn't mean to slight your image - I just wanted to show them side my side. :)

Thanks... no problem, lol, for some reason that was only picture I had of jt. Been wanting to take a better picture of it, as it is one of my favorite pieces in my collection.

Another from that rainy Saturday at Nassau Coliseum, September 16t, 2017. Signed right before mine. This nice young man wanted his dad's copy signed so condition was not Paramount. True fan. He was there both days. These older LP's seem to grab that ink well.



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