Wanted everyone to be aware of this common Waters forgery style, which is being slipped up by Grad and co. Going to be plenty to choose from after this tour. Another reason not to trust solely the sticker


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Very helpful, Seamus. If what you say is true, I'm surprised that you're catching this and the "pros" aren't. Thank you.

I feel like this should be getting more attention. People think that Beckett is the top authentication company, yet I know I've seen a few Roger Waters pieces that were clearly not legitimate. 

I think people - collectors and dealers alike - like the "clean slate" that Beckett supposedly has after PSA and JSA started getting a bit more rotten. That doesn't free them from the inherent issues that just about any TPA that authenticates everything under the sun is going to have.

Here's a few more stickered Waters forgeries

Seamus..hes 3  examples here above are def. fake...are you sure the DSOM album is also fake on top? What do u think of these two albums i bought 2 years ago from a RAAC member...I thought they were real..but I am asking once again..you seem to know waters better than me...even though ice gotten him in person a number of times..see my images for opinion both were sgiend same time

Not to worry David, Both your Waters albums are 100% genuine.

wow..thnanks.I dont like the pen color on Animals..but...being real makes the color much nicer lol...The LAST mname is all wrong on the DSOM you posted from Becket..but the Roger seems real..were you only able to tell its no good from the last name--or can you see anything wrong in the way the Roger is written on the DSOM? Curious . BTW-ALL my other waters were obtained in person...

It's a strange pen choice for sure but the signature still sticks out - it's my favorite album but a tough one to have signed as there's a lot going on.

In regards to the DSOTM Waters, both first and last names are off. The R is not formed correctly and the transition to the o-g is incorrect, with the g also lacking his natural curve. And yes, the entire last name is incorrect, which also contains a hesitation area toward the end.

I would not know what pen color would result in better contrast on Animals. I have seen this color before on this LP. I like it very much.

I I had a chice..a gold paint pen  followed by a silver paint if I didnt have gold on me...would do wonders on an Animals...that would be my choice..as blue or blac ksharpie if placed in a dark area isnot appealing.

That did not register as blue Sharpie - it appears as some flat finish paint pen. I would not use blue Sharpie either.

You mean like this? LOL I debated between silver or gold, and obviously went with gold. I agree that the gold looks great against this background.



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